Best budget Wireless charger in 2020: The Buyer's guide

Best budget Wireless charger
Are you confused while choosing the Best budget Wireless charger for yourself? then you are in the right place.

Today we are going to show you our best wireless phone chargers for iPhone and Android devices:

Let's start.

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Best Budget Wireless Charger:

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1. Yootech Wireless Charger

The biggest Feature of this product is its unique design, it looks like the future of wireless charging. This Yootech charger is Qi-certified means it can work with a large number of devices. An exclusive multifunctional protect technology provides temperature control with surge protection and prevents short-circuit.

Charger comes with a wireless charging stand and pad. Stand can charge your phone both vertically and horizontally. Pad is very convenient and easy for travel. The stand has two coils for charging so you can turn the phone in any direction for charging.

This charger is compatible for AirPods. AirPods size can fit easily into wireless charging pad which makes it the best charging partner for AirPods,
Charger is made of ABS material which makes it fire-resistant.

The 7.5W charging mode works perfectly and compatible with iPhone 11/8/8 Plus/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XS, while 10W charging mode works with Note 10/S10/S10 Plus/Note9/S9/S8 and more…
5W charger can work with any Qi-enabled device.
ü Super Convenient
x Power Cable is just 3 feet long
ü Unique Design

ü Fast Charging

ü Temperature control

2. BESTBEING Wireless Charger

This BESTBEING charger charges iPhone X faster than other Samsung chargers, this charger works perfectly with iPhone X/ XS Max/ Xr/8/8 Plus/ Samsung galaxy S10/S9/S8/S8 Plus/Note 8/9. Fast Charging, Over-current, voltage and temperature control are notable features.

A Multi-functional charging stand with multi interfaces can charge all mobile devices fast. The charging stand comes with an advanced auto-control technology with built-in protectors against overcurrent, overvoltage problem and temperature control. Built-in safeguards will protect your device from overcharging.
ü Fast Charging
x Light is too bright
ü Over Current Protection

ü Temperature control

Qi-Eu Wireless Charger
3. Qi-Eu Wireless Charger

2 Watt fast charging capability is available for apple watch series (1,2,3,4,5).

A 7.5 watt fast charging is compatible with iPhone 11+ models.

10 Watt charging charges all Qi-enabled android mobiles.

The QI certified charger protects your phone battery against overcharging damage, overvoltage. The charging station has built-in guards against temperature control and external object tracing. A magnetic metal support provides strong base to adjust the supporting angle.
ü Fast Charging
x No wall USB adapter
ü Magnetic support for strong base

ü Over charging damage control

Tozo Wireless Charger
4. Tozo Wireless Charger (Very Slim)

This is one of the slimmest and popular wireless chargers on Amazon with only 5mm thickness, simple design, and fashion according to the latest needs. A very safe and reliable product with short-circuit and over-heating protection.
The beautiful lights indicator change colors based on the readiness to charge and fully charged which is a great feature.
The only problem with this charger is it comes with a USB cord but no wall outlet plug. 
ü Ultra Slim (5mm)
x No wall outlet plug
ü Short-circuit protection

ü Overcharging damage control
ü Fast Charging

5. RAVPower Wireless Charger

RAVPower is a unique brand in wireless chargers category, it has reshaped the fast charging. This charger uses special HyperAir technology which charges your phone safely and smartly.
The Smart light indicator will flicker green light at the time of charging and turns solid green after getting fully charged.
Don’t put any metallic or magnetic object between charger and phone otherwise it will cause a no-detect problem.
ü Fast Charging
x Not for AirPods
ü Smart Indicator

ü Overcharging damage control

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